Picturing Place Downtown: Panorama!

Picturing Place Downtown: Panorama!

Today’s “Picturing Place” workshop at the Hillsdale Community Library discussed a brief history of the panorama and of the cameras used to make them. Participants learned how to make panoramic photographs using 35mm film cameras.  They also learned how to use a special panorama attachment for a 4×5 view camera. The last photo is our “Epic Panorama” in Stock’s Park. The kids appeared in nearly all of the frames!


Learning to see the edges of the camera frame. It’s important to know where it is when making panoramas.



A vertical panorama. Asher is not really that scrunched. There’s some distortion from the the “stitching” process when the different image layers were merged in Photoshop.


Stocks Mill upside down on the ground glass of a 4×5 view camera adapted to create a 2.25″x4.5″ panoramic photography.


Our “epic panorama” in Stocks Park. One frame gets a little wonky, but we like how they all appear over and over again!